Bright Lights Big City is a Paris-based music booking & management boutique.

The principles of the agency are based on a tightly-knit team, which represents an international roster of electronic music artists.

We work with passion, backing each artist in his particular chosen path.

Bookings are tailored made for each artist’s unique identity.


The Scandalizer from down under, Juicy Romance is the Australia-born, London-based mystery girl promising steamy indulgence and dance floor hedonism. From her roots as a violin-playing, rock-skipping, small-town country girl, Juicy has evolved into an island-hopping, club-rocking party queen, infecting the modern world with her playful blend of  bouncy “pop-turned-club” bangers, as coined by Mixmag. Familiar with the game of exceeding expectations, her music curation as a DJ transcends normative club culture to deliver a blend of Electro-Pop, four to the floor beats and vintage club anthems. 

Juicy is the antidote for the black-clad ravers in club basements listening to pounding techno, secretly wishing they were at home listening to Ice Spice on their UE boom. These pop-infused productions build a dance floor environment where clubbers can experience the best of both worlds; sprinklings of sexy, bad-bitch vocals, over ass-shaking, earth-quaking club floor fillers. 

This brilliant, beat-making baddie’s soon-to-be-released musical and lyrical creations are set to send the world into a Juicy crazed meltdown, symptomised by high temperatures, racing heartbeats and addiction to the dancefloor.